Real Estate

Ergon’s real estate segment focuses on the acquisition, development and brokerage of retail projects, commercial properties and industrial facilities across the southeastern United States.

Ergon Properties, Inc.

Ergon Properties and its subsidiaries search for quality sites and prudently study demographic data, traffic patterns and growth projections internally before pursuing development. Ergon Properties benefits from solid project management and construction by collaborating with other Ergon companies for expertise in environmental assessment, engineering, computer-assisted design and marketing.

Ergon Properties generally manages the land acquisition, permitting, architectural design processes, marketing and construction phases of each project.

Ergon’s real estate group has been involved in:

  • Projects either wholly owned or with joint venture partners primarily in Mississippi and Alabama
  • Property management of office buildings, retail centers and leased facilities
  • Residential subdivision development
  • Many retail development projects
  • Land management for future use
  • A shooting preserve and conference center