Commissioners thank Ergon employees for fire assistance

Mon., Sep 13, 2010

NEW CUMBERLAND - Hancock County Commission gave special recognition Thursday to employees of Ergon, Inc.'s refinery in Newell for their assistance in putting out a fire Aug. 15.

Commissioners thank Ergon employees for fire assistance

Hancock County Commissioners recognized employees of Ergon Inc.’s Newell refinery on Thursday for their help in putting out a fire Aug. 15 at AEP’s Swearingen Hill substation. Pictured are (from left) Neil Staton, plant manager; Commissioner Jeff Davis, Chip Roush, Commissioner Dan Greathouse, Sam Schupbach, and Commissioner Mike Swartzmiller. (Photo by Nancy Tullis)

Commissioner Jeff Davis said the employees, Chip Roush and Sam Schupbach, went out of their way to help with a fire at AEP's substation at Sweringen Hill. Weirton's Oakland District firefighters battled the blaze, and Ergon employees responded quickly with their technical knowledge of petroleum-based fires.

The Ergon employees used a foam substance to extinguish the fire when it spread to some mineral oil at the substation, Davis said.

The commissioners presented the men with certificates of appreciation "for their unselfish dedication to respond in a time of emergency to assist emergency services personnel."

Present at Thursday's commission meeting were Roush, Schupbach and Neil Stanton, plant manager.

Commissioners said Ergon employees showed their community leadership and the spirit of being a good neighbor in Hancock County by helping with the fire that was not anywhere near the Newell plant and had no effect on Ergon's operations.

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